What Is Endoca?

Endoca was founded by Henry Vincenty. While attending the Biotechnology and Genetics at the University of Copenhagen, he also traveled the world. He started to notice the adverse side effects of prescription medications while treating AIDS sufferers in Africa. At about the same time, he became aware that a large movement was taking place in the United States in an effort to legalize medicinal marijuana. Having grown up in Denmark, Henry was more accepting of marijuana because it lacked any stigma in the country. He was spurred to apply for a license for the research and development of hemp but was denied. Instead, he opened a clinic that focused on natural medications such as hemp seed oil, which was the humble beginning of Endoca. Eventually, he was able to invest in the necessary equipment needed for CBD extraction and a high-tech laboratory to guarantee purity so he could launch Endoca in 2006.

Today, Endoca is a large, highly-respected online vendor of CBD product. In fact, Endoca was the first CBD brand to ever be sold online. Endoca has an office in Copenhagen, Denmark and San Diego, California. Their products are sold online and at retailers in North America and Europe.

Endoca’s Array of Organic CBD Products

Endoca’s product selection is not limited to the traditional CBD product offerings today. Aside from the oils and extracts, they also offer tinctures, capsules, skin care products, edibles, and even CBD products for pets.

CBD Oils – Endoca CBD oils are full-spectrum (contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids); available in medium and strong potency, and in raw and heated varieties.

CBD Extract – called as CBD pastes, more potent than CBD oil

CBD Skincare products – Available in CBD cream, salve and balm; good for moisturizing and eases skin irritation and muscle pains

CBD Edibles – available in gums, made with CBD with xylitol as a natural sweetener

CBD for pets – available in CBD oil, extracts that are safe for dogs and other pets to relieve pain and anxiety

CBD Suppositories – good option for those who cannot take CBD orally

CBD Crystals – can be vaped or added to food; closest product to pure CBD

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